Foosball makeover!

October 20, 2016

They found a foosball game outside of my cohabitant's workplace, and as part of making it functional, an unnecessary part to be honest, the players should be shaped up.
First step was to clean them.

white male foosball figurines in the washing machine

A short program in the dishwasher seemed like a very clever idea, but did not turn out to be the best solution. Some of them got a bit stained. It did not matter much though, as they were to experience a make over worthy any daytime television!

My biggest mission with this task was to make the teams more diverse. So I made half of the men into women, where being a woman was defined by having breasts. At the same time I also added some hair and other details.

foosball figurines laying around with sugru attached to them at various places to make them more individual

Looking back at my team now I realise that only have four women out of eleven players, so I figure most of the women ended up in the other team. Bummer.
The plastic surgery was conducted with Sugru, which turned out to be yet another bad idea. The colours were not so keen on sticking to the Sugru's fatty surface. But with a good primer and a lot of patience we convinced the paint to stay put. And hopefully we sealed it in for good when we added two layers of glossy varnish.

This is how my turned out:

A collage of the different fossball characters after I remodelled and repainted them

It is not a very coherent team, and I doubt they will play well together. They could not even agree on a what colours to wear! Though Jason being a goalkeeper might lure some people into thinking twice before aiming for the goal. And apparently the guy without shorts has turned out to be really good at scoring, who could have guessed?

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  1. Sadly enough the defaced naked IFK player is the top scorer :(