A wolf being made

December 07, 2016

As I mentioned in my earlier post I got an order for an owl and a wolf. I documented the making of the wolf, and thought I would share it with you.
Here goes:

the first picture in a series of how I made a wolf ornament. In this there is a paper cone attached to a paper ball

At first I used a Styrofoam ball that I cut in half, and then used wallpaper adhesive and part of an empty toilet roll to shape the nose. The Styrofoam ball part was also covered in paper clay.

a paper ball with a paper cone for nose and two toilet roll pieces as ears

More toilet roll parts were used to shape the ears, and I added paper clay around the nose part to smooth it out.

the paper ball, cone and
Then I covered the ears with paper clay, and shaped the nose a bit further.

more details added in the paper clay. Most visibly yellow eyes and a nosethe unpainted wolf ornament in another anglethe unpainted wolf from the side

The last modelling step was to add eyes and details.

And then I painted and added varnish:

the wolf ornament has now been painted, shown in front view

the wolf ornament painted, looking in one direction

the wolf ornament painted, looking in the other direction

Last step is shipping!

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