Owl as Christmas tree ornament

December 01, 2016

an owl ornament in progress. It is unpainted but got yellow eyes and a black beak
I got an order for making an owl and a wolf, and started out with the owl. I modelled it based on owl pictures that, for some reason or the other, caught my attention.
(Well, to be precis, before modelling it I made its eyes and beak from polymer clay.)

Then I painted it:

the owl ornament painted. It is looking upward in an annoyed kind of way. Two ornaments of snowmen in the background

the owl ornament looking to the side. There is a monster ornament and two snowman ornament in the same picture

the painted owl ornament looking into the camera. It is one angry bird!
It did not turn out as the happiest owl in the world, but it does match the angry snowman in the background. I have not attached screw eye to the owl yet, and I will ask the buyer if she want me add shiny varnish, but otherwise I consider it done.

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