Requested cat ornament

December 28, 2016

a photo of a catI got contacted by a cat owner who wanted to have a cat ornament made based on their cat. I got this photo, and just adore the white little spot on top of the nose!
But I was struggling coming up with what colours the cat really was having.
I asked about the eye colour, and it is bright yellow. For the rest of the colours I used Photoshop's eye dropper tool to grab colours from various part of the photo without being fooled by my eyes.
It is not a foolproof method, and I am afraid my cat came out greyer than the real cat is.

Anyway, here are some more pictures of the ornament I made. I added some extra varnish to the eyes after taking the photos, in order to make them glossier.

a picture of a cat ornament made to resemble, but kind of failing, the previous photo of a real cat

a front picture of the cat ornament

close up of the fur details put into making the cat ornament

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